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what to wear biking

what to wear while biking

What to Wear While Biking

Riding a bicycle is a great form of exercise that can offer many benefits. From environmental sustainability to physical fitness, it`s no surprise why biking is becoming an increasingly popular form of transportation, recreation, and even commuting. It`s important, however, to keep safety in mind when hitting the road or trails. One important safety factor is wearing the proper attire while biking. Knowing what to wear while biking lets you stay comfortable and protected as you enjoy your ride.


Your shoes can make or break your biking experience, especially if you plan to ride for an extended period of time. Look for shoes that are comfortable but also provide good support for your feet and arch. Shoes with rubber soles and breathable upper are ideal for biking. Cycling shoes are specifically designed for biking and typically come with a cleat - a small part on the sole of the shoe that clips onto a pedal and gives you extra power while pedaling. Cycling shoes can improve performance, but are best suited for more advanced cyclists.

Pants or Shorts

Long pants are a good choice for biking in cold weather. Look for pants made from lightweight fabrics that provide good protection from the wind and rain. If you plan to ride during summer months, shorts are the way to go. Shorts with padding in the crotch area and leg openings provide extra comfort and protection from chafing.

Shirts and Jackets

If you plan to ride in cool weather or cold temperatures, a long-sleeve shirt and jacket are essential for keeping you warm while cycling. Avoid wearing cotton fabrics as they are not breathable and can cause you to overheat. Look for shirts and jackets made with technical fabrics that are designed to wick away moisture and keep you cool. A bright-colored jacket will also help keep you visible to drivers.


Never ever forget to wear a helmet when cycling! There is no other single piece of gear that offers more protection to cyclists than a helmet. Make sure the helmet fits properly, is snug on your head, and it doesn`t move back and forth. A good helmet should cover your entire head and contains straps that keep it securely in place.

Gloves, Socks and Eyewear

Gloves are an important piece of protective gear for cyclists. Look for gloves that provide good grip and padding in the palms and fingers. Wearing thin, breathable socks can also help keep your feet cool and comfortable while biking. Eye protection is incredibly important when cycling, as debris and other obstacles can easily fly up and harm your eyes. Choose sunglasses or goggles with UV protection and a fit that stays securely on your face.

Final Thoughts

No matter what type of cycling you are doing, it`s important to remember to wear the right clothing. The right apparel can help you stay comfortable and protected while enjoying your ride. From proper footwear to eye protection, there are several key pieces to wear while biking. Make sure to choose items that provide good ventilation, protection, and visibility to help make your ride as safe and enjoyable as possible.

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