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Why Snowboarding Is Better Than Skiing

why is snowboarding better than skiing

Why Snowboarding is Better Than Skiing

Snowboarding and skiing are both popular winter sports, but most people agree that snowboarding is a more enjoyable outdoor activity than skiing. There are several reasons why snowboarding is better than skiing, from the thrill of the ride to the variety of terrain which can be experienced. Whether you`re a novice or a pro, here are some reasons why snowboarding is better than skiing.

It`s Easier to Learn

Getting your feet off the ground and riding a snowboard can be much easier than learning to ski. While skiing requires you to use both sides of your feet, snowboarding only requires you to use one side. This makes it much easier for you to move around on the board and stay balanced. Snowboarders can also progress considerably faster than skiers, as their movements are more naturally coordinated.

It Provides More of a Thrill

Snowboarding is definitely more thrilling than skiing. It takes some practice to master snowboarding, but the feeling of carving a clean turn and hitting the jumps can be immensely satisfying. Skiing is a consistently steady and regulated form of winter recreation, but for those looking for a bit more excitement, snowboarding is definitely the way to go.

It Offers More Variety

Another advantage of snowboarding is its variety of terrain. Since the majority of resorts accommodate snowboarders, you can enjoy a much more diverse range of slopes than if you were skiing. From terrain parks to long steep runs, snowboarding offers a much wider selection of terrain than skiing does. This allows you to take your snowboarding to greater heights, and to progress your skills as you advance.

Snowboarders are Welcomed Everywhere

Unlike skis, which have an exclusive and traditional feel, snowboards are more widely accepted in many resorts. Most resorts will now offer a variety of snowboarding packages, from beginner`s lessons to experienced excursions. This makes snowboarding a much more versatile and accepting form of winter recreation, so you won`t have to feel as left out if you`re a newbie.

It`s More Stylish

Another great thing about snowboarding is that it`s a much more stylish winter sport to take part in. You can enjoy a range of cool snowboarder attire, from stylish jackets to comfortable BASE layers. You can personalize your style as much as you want, from baggy snowboard-specific clothes to sleek and slim silhouettes. Snowboarders also have a more relaxed, laid-back attitude, which makes it a much more social sport compared to skiing.

It Promotes Core Strength

Finally, another great benefit of snowboarding is that it promotes core strength. When riding a snowboard, you use the muscles in your torso and abdomen more than you do while skiing, which means that you will develop more muscle tone as you go along. This can help you to have better balance on the snow and will make you a better and more confident snowboarder overall.


Snowboarding is a fast-growing winter sport and much more fun than skiing. It`s easier to learn, offers more of a thrill, and has more variety when it comes to terrain. It`s also more widely accepted than skiing, more stylish, and promotes better core strength. All in all, there are plenty of reasons why snowboarding is better than skiing, and it`s definitely worth exploring if you`ve never tried it before.
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