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Ski Tips

how to get good at skiing

Ski Tips: How to Get Better At Skiing

Instruction and Safety First

For those learning how to ski, it`s important to find an instructor and take a lesson. The instructor should cover ski technique, skiing posture, physical well being, and the different types of terrain you may be exposed on the slopes. Before each time you ski, you need to make sure you dressed properly and inspect your gear. Go over the ski area`s safety regulations and be aware of your surroundings, especially for obstacles and other skiers.

What To Wear

For skiing the essentials include layers that can include a base layer undearneath a thermal mid-layer. Outerwear such as pants, a jacket and gloves should be tailored for the slopes and have water resistant and breathable properties. Durable materials like Gore-Tex and Thinsulate can help keep you warm and dry. Have a good pair of socks that fit snug to your feet and provide good wrmarythinsulation. Make sure your ski goggles are dark enough to protect your eyes from the sun but light enough to adjust to the darkness so you can see safe. Ensure your gear fits properly and practice your technique in a wide open space.

Ski Posture & Balance

Balance is key to skiing. Keep your feet shoulder width apart and your arms bent in front of you. Keep your head up and bend your knees slightly, maintaining a center of gravity. Push yourself forward on the ski and try to feel the mountain. Eyes should be looking down the mountain while making sure you take in the beautiful surroundings to appreciate the experience and stay aware. Shift your weight forward and alternate between strong, medium, and light turns. Remain balanced by keeping your weight centered between your skis.

Ski Techniques & Skiing Gravity

Skiing is a physical-sport to tackle the mountain. Move in a athletic manner as you descend the mountain. It`s best to test the slopes using different techniques like short and long turns. Have your edges pointing down the hill and move around obstacles with ease. Skiing gravity helps you feel the terrain and ride the slopes more fluently. Skiing with gravity means Beta shape (shin) pressure on the front of the ski boots during the turn and your body leaning forward slightly in a comfortable position.

Stronger Muscles Help Skiing

To improve skiing, fitness is an important factor. Skiing requires use of your whole body. You can improve your skiing skills by having a proper exercise routine and conditioning that targets your hips, glutes, quads, and core strength. Incorporate any type of anaerobic or aerobic activities like, running, biking, or swimming before taking on the hills. You will gain better control and confidence on the slopes.

Envelop Yourself On The Mountain

Skiing is an amazing experience and opportunity that should be embraced. Not only will you learn about skiing skills and techniques, you can also learn about yourself and challenges. Skiing can be an incredible and rewarding accomplishment when it is done properly. Get to know the ski area and find out what type of terrain is best suited for your level of skiing. Lastly, don`t be afraid to ask questions and seek help from the ski professionals and members of the ski community. Every time you ski, you will learn more and get better, so challenge yourself and have some outdoor fun!

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