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Hiking Vs Walking

difference between walking and hiking

Hiking vs. Walking: Exploring the Differences

Whether you`re looking to spend time outdoors or burn some calories, hiking and walking offer two great activities. But what exactly is the difference between walking and hiking? At first glance, the two activities might appear to be interchangeable. However, there are distinct differences between the two that make them their own unique activities.

The Benefits

Both walking and hiking come with a variety of health benefits. Walking helps strengthen your heart, reduce body fat, help you manage your weight, and boost your mood. Hiking has an even longer list of health benefits due to the added terrain and elevation. Hiking helps build muscle, boosts your endurance, increases your bone density, and can help lower your stress levels. Additionally, because trails tend to be more scenic, hikers can benefit from some time spent looking at the views and de-stressing among nature.

The Gear

One of the biggest differences between walking and hiking is the gear. While it`s possible to go on a walk or a hike in your normal clothing, it`s typically recommended to take a few items along with you. For walking, basic items like comfortable shoes and drinks and snacks are always a good idea. For hiking, however, the items that you might take along with you vary according to the destination and trail. You`ll usually need sturdy shoes, a map, snacks, a flashlight, a first-aid kit, extra layers, and water. If you`re on a difficult trail, you might need a rope and other essential technical climbing equipment, depending on your destination and the difficulty of the trail.

The Duration

The amount of time you spend on a walk or a hike typically depends on your own preferences. Some people like to walk or hike for an hour or two and then go home, while others like to spend a full day out in the fresh air. Generally, walks are shorter in duration than hikes. That said, it`s up to you to decide how much time you want to spend out in nature.

The Intensity Level

The intensity of the activity will depend on the route or trail that you take. A hike on a long, flat, easy trail may not be as intense as a short, steep, and difficult route. Walking on flat and even surfaces is usually not as intense as hiking over rocky terrain. The elevation gain and terrain have a major impact on the intensity of the hike. Longer hikes tend to be more intense than shorter hikes because of the extended duration. Also, an expedition-length hike can be much more intense than a moderate day hike.

The Takeaway

Both walking and hiking can be rewarding and enjoyable experiences. Keep in mind that when choosing between walking and hiking, you will need to consider the gear, intensity level, and route before making a decision. It`s important to remember that while both activities are great for physical and mental health, it`s best to go in prepared with the right attire, gear, and know-how.

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