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What Is A Muggle In Geocaching

muggles geocaching

What is a Muggle in Geocaching?

Geocaching is an outdoor activity which involves the use of a GPS device to search for hidden items (like containers or boxes) known as “caches”. It has recently become popular with people of all ages and backgrounds. But what is a muggle in geocaching?

What is a Muggle?

A “muggle” is a slang term which has been adopted by the geocaching community to refer to someone who is not familiar with the sport. In other words, a “muggle” is someone who has not heard of geocaching or is unaware of the activity taking place around them. The term first originated in J.K. Rowling`s Harry Potter series. In this series, a “muggle” is someone who is not a wizard or a witch. Similarly, geocachers who are also Harry Potter fans use the term to describe people who do not know what they`re missing. However, muggles should not feel excluded from geocaching. As more people become aware of the sport, the geocaching community strives to be welcoming and accommodating of new players.

Muggles Geocaching

While muggles may not be immediately familiar with geocaching, there are activities available for them to take part in. Many geocachers are more than happy to teach new players the ropes and show them what makes geocaching so enjoyable. Muggles can participate in geocaching events to learn more about the activity and meet other players. Local geocaching groups often host “meet and greets” for new players, and the social aspect of the sport is often a draw for newcomers. If you`re looking to get started in geocaching, try reaching out to a local geocaching group. They can offer guidance and advice to help you find your way around the sport. Additionally, most geocaching websites have resources to help you get started, including a tutorial on how to use a GPS device.

Enjoying Geocaching

Whether you`re a muggle or an experienced geocacher, geocaching can be an enjoyable and social way to explore the outdoors. For muggles who are just starting out, it can be a great way to get outside and experience the thrill of the hunt. Geocaching can also be a great way to discover new and interesting places. The caches are often placed in locations which local players are familiar with, but which may not be commonly known to outsiders. So, don`t be intimidated by the term “muggle” - anyone can get involved in geocaching and enjoy the game. With a little bit of effort and a willingness to learn, you`ll soon be finding caches with the best of them!
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