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Toddler Climbing Out Of Crib

how to stop toddler from climbing out of crib

How to Stop Your Toddler from Climbing Out of Their Crib

As toddlers become more active and curious, they often start to test their physical boundaries by attempting to climb out of their cribs. While it may seem cute at first, this behavior can quickly become dangerous if your child falls and gets injured. As a parent, it is important to take steps to prevent your toddler from climbing out of their crib. Here are some tips to help you keep your child safe and sound in their crib.

1. Lower the Mattress

The first and most obvious solution to prevent your toddler from climbing out of their crib is to lower the mattress to its lowest setting. This will make it more difficult for your child to climb over the rails of the crib. However, if your child is determined, they may still find a way to climb out. Therefore, it is important to take additional steps to discourage this behavior.

2. Use a Sleep Sack

A sleep sack is a wearable blanket that zips up the front and has armholes. It can be a great alternative to a loose blanket, which can pose a suffocation risk for toddlers. Additionally, a sleep sack can make it harder for your child to move their legs and climb out of the crib. Make sure to choose a sleep sack that is the appropriate size for your child to ensure a snug fit.

3. Create a Safe Environment

In case your toddler does manage to climb out of their crib, you want to make sure that the surrounding area is safe. Remove any furniture or objects that your child could climb on to reach dangerous heights. You may also want to consider placing a soft rug or mat on the floor to cushion any potential falls.

4. Reinforce the Rules Consistently

It is important to set clear boundaries and consistently reinforce them. Let your child know that climbing out of the crib is not allowed and explain the potential dangers. Use a firm and calm tone when reminding your child of the rules and be consistent in enforcing consequences if they do not obey them. It may take some time, but eventually, your child will understand that climbing out of the crib is not worth getting in trouble.

5. Use a Crib Tent

If your child is still determined to climb out of their crib, you may want to consider using a crib tent. This is a mesh net that fits securely over the top of the crib, making it difficult for your child to climb out. It also prevents your child from throwing objects out of the crib and potentially hurting themselves or damaging the room.

6. Transition to a Toddler Bed

If your child is consistently climbing out of their crib despite your efforts, it may be time to consider transitioning to a toddler bed. This will allow your child to get in and out of bed safely without the risk of falling. When making this transition, it is important to involve your child and make it an exciting and positive experience. Let them help pick out the new bed and decorate their new sleep space.

7. Stay Consistent with Bedtime Routine

As toddlers begin to assert their independence, they may also test their boundaries during bedtime. It is important to stay consistent with your established bedtime routine to prevent your child from resisting sleep and attempting to climb out of the crib. A consistent routine will also help your child understand that it is time for sleep and stay in bed.

8. Be Patient and Understanding

Climbing out of the crib is a natural phase of development for toddlers and it can be frustrating for both the child and the parent. It is important to be patient and understanding throughout this process. Remember that each child is different and it may take some time to find the best solution for your little one.


While it may be worrisome when your child starts to climb out of their crib, there are steps you can take to keep them safe and prevent this behavior. Lowering the mattress, using a sleep sack, creating a safe environment, reinforcing rules, and transitioning to a toddler bed are all effective ways to prevent your toddler from climbing out of their crib. Stay consistent and patient, and soon enough your child will outgrow this phase and stay safely sleeping in their crib.

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