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What Is Hot Tent Camping?

Hot tent camping is a popular activity among outdoors enthusiasts. It involves using a hot tent to sleep in during the coldest months of the year, providing warmth and shelter from the elements all in one. Hot tenting is a great way to experience the outdoors while staying warm and comfortable.

What Makes Hot Tent Camping Special?

Hot tent camping is a unique experience, because it allows campers to enjoy the outdoors without having to brave the extreme cold temperatures that are a part of winter camping. With a hot tent, campers can enjoy a longer camping season, while still staying warm. Hot tents are specially designed tents built for colder weather. They are made of thick, insulated fabric with a wood-burning stove in the center. The stove is used to generate heat throughout the tent, which helps to keep the campers warm. The stove also helps to heat the environment beyond the tent, creating a cozy atmosphere even when outside temperatures are freezing.

Benefits of Hot Tent Camping

Hot tents provide a host of benefits to campers. For starters, hot tents are very lightweight, easy to pack, and quick to set up. This makes them perfect for packing in and out of remote areas. Secondly, hot tents can be used in smaller areas, allowing for greater flexibility when it comes to where to camp. Lastly, hot tents are great for reducing or eliminating the need for a traditional double-walled tent, which can often be cumbersome and difficult to set up. By eliminating the need for a separate tent, campers can pack light and save space when it comes to gear and supplies.

Hot Tent Camping Tips

Before embarking on a hot tent camping trip, campers should familiarize themselves with the following tips and safety protocols:
  • Consult a Weather Forecast. Before heading out to a hot tent camping site, it`s important to check the weather forecast for the area and plan accordingly. This will give campers a better idea of what to expect and help them prepare for any extreme temperatures.
  • Prepare the Campsite. Before pitching the hot tent, prepare the campsite by clearing away debris, rocks, and sticks that may cause a fire hazard. Make sure the campsite is level and there`s no signs of wildlife in the area.
  • Set up the Tent. Hot tents should be pitched on a flat surface and secured using stakes and guy lines to ensure that the tent survives strong winds. Make sure the stove pipe is safely positioned and that the stove is properly installed in the middle of the tent.
  • Stay Safe. Hot tents are fueled by wood-burning stoves and should never be left unattended. Always check the area for signs of smoke, sparks, or any other signs of a potential fire.


Hot tent camping is a great way to enjoy the outdoors during the colder months of the year. By using a hot tent to keep warm and cozy, campers can enjoy a longer camping season and reduce the need for a heavier, double-walled tent. However, campers should always be mindful of safety protocols when operating the stove and preparing the campsite. With the right planning and preparation, hot tent camping is an enjoyable and unique way to experience the outdoors.
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