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Who Owns Camping World

who owns camping world

Who Owns Camping World?

Camping World is a leading outdoor retailer that operates more than 130 retail stores and few online stores across the United States. Customers can purchase new and used recreation vehicles (RVs) as well as parts, accessories, and outdoor lifestyle gear to enhance their RV and camping experiences. If you`re wondering who owns Camping World, the company is a part of the Brunswick Corporation, a company with a long history of producing high-quality products and services for the outdoors industry.

Brunswick Corporation was originally founded in 1845 and is now a Fortune 500 company located in Lake Forest, Illinois. Brunswick is one of the world`s leading marine lifestyle companies and they have a long history of providing high quality products for the recreational boating and marine industries. But in 2016, the company entered into the outdoor recreation retail industry with its acquisition of Camping World.

Camping World was acquired by the Brunswick Corporation in May of 2016 for around $2 billion dollars. The acquisition allowed Camping World the opportunity to expand its network of retail locations as well as outlets for parts and accessories. With the additional resources at its disposal, Camping World is now able to provide even more excellent customer service, great deals on products, and even more affordable financing options.

The acquisition of Camping World is just one part of the larger strategic vision of the Brunswick Corporation. The company is keen on making investments that further build up their presence in the outdoor recreation industry as a whole. In addition to Camping World, Brunswick also owns many other companies including Freedom Road Financial, Beacon Financial, and Bank of the West.

Along with the acquisition of Camping World, Brunswick has also made investments in other retail and rental companies in the outdoor recreation industry. This has allowed Brunswick to develop a diverse portfolio focused on helping support the growth and expansion of the outdoor recreation industry. In addition to its investments in retail companies, Brunswick also works closely with state and local government agencies to provide additional resources and to ensure the sustainability of outdoor recreation throughout the country.

It is clear that Brunswick Corporation has taken a great interest in the outdoor recreation industry. Their acquisition of Camping World has allowed the company to have a strong presence in the market and has given them the opportunity to further their investments in the industry to take full advantage of the outdoor lifestyle trend.

Currently, Camping World is one of the leading outdoor retailers in the United States and is owned by the Brunswick Corporation. Backed by the power of a Fortune 500 company, Camping World is able to provide customers with great products and services that enhance their RVing and camping experience. So next time you`re wondering who owns Camping World, the answer is a strong company with a long-standing tradition of providing quality outdoor products and services - the Brunswick Corporation.

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