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Tarp Sizes

what size tarp for camping

Tarp Sizes and What Size Tarp to Take Camping

Tarp sizes are measured by the length of the side of the tarp, not the area. The two most common categories for tarp sizes are those that measure up to 8 feet by 10 feet and those that measure up to 10 feet by 12 feet in size. Before you buy a tarp, you should decide what size would best fit your needs.

Tarp Sizes Up to 8 Feet by 10 Feet

These are the smallest tarp sizes that are commonly available. They are suitable for light camping tasks such as covering a tent or protecting your gear from light rain. The 8 by 10 tarp is best suited for tasks where you don`t need a lot of coverage or you`re not planning to move the tarp around much. The smaller size makes them easier to carry and store when you`re done with them.

Tarp Sizes Up to 10 Feet by 12 Feet

These larger tarp sizes are ideal for campers who need more coverage or plan on moving their tarps around. The increased coverage allows you to cover larger areas or to catch more rainwater. The bigger size also allows the tarp to be stretched out farther to cover more area. For camping and outdoors activities like picnics, these size tarps are often the preferred option.

What Size Tarp for Camping?

The best size tarp for camping is often the most versatile size option. A 10 feet by 12 feet tarp provides significantly more coverage than an 8 feet by 10 feet tarp while still being small enough to be easily moved and stored away. It`s also large enough to use as a cover for your tent, a shelter in case of rain or even a place to eat under in more moderate climates. For a camping trip, it`s best to bring along a tarp that is at least 10x12 feet—it`s always better to have too much coverage than too little.

Choosing the Right Tarp for You

Before you buy a tarp, it`s important to think through your needs and the tasks you`ll be using it for. A 10x12 tarp might not be the right size for a smaller campsite or a light rain shower. Consider how much coverage you need and how often you`ll be moving the tarp around—this will help you decide which size of tarp is best for you.

At the end of the day, the size of your tarp will depend on how and where you plan on using it. The right size tarp for camping will help you stay comfortable, safe and dry during your time outdoors.
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