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How To Stay Cool While Car Camping

how to stay cool while car camping

How to Stay Cool While Car Camping

Car camping is a great way to explore the outdoors, but it can be uncomfortable if you aren`t prepared for the heat. Here are some tips to help you stay cooler and more comfortable while car camping in the summer months.

Choosing the Right Spot

Finding a spot that has some shade helps tremendously, but it may also be beneficial to look for a spot to park that catches the breeze. If you`re set up in an area with trees, try parking parallel to the way the wind is blowing. Additionally, camping near a river or lake can create a cooler micro-climate due to evaporation.

Block the Sun

Covering your windows with some kind of window-covering or sunshade can make a big difference in blocking out the hot sunlight and heat. This helps keep your car cool during the day, and the sunshade seals the car for a more comfortable sleeping environment.

You can also prop a tarp or blanket up in front of the car, as it`s easier to handle the heat outside in the shade rather than the full blast of the sun.

Using Ice

Using ice to keep cool is a great strategy and is especially helpful when combined with car camping. You can buy bags of ice, or you can freeze some water bottles to use as ice bricks. Place the ice packs or water bottles around your car, particularly in front or back windows to help the air inside stay cool.

You can also use ice and cold water to your advantage by using them to cool your body down with a cold washcloth, or wrapping an ice pack around your neck.

Stay Hydrated

Staying hydrated is important in a camping environment, regardless of the situation. Keeping plenty of cold drinks on hand or refreshing beverages with ice can help keep your body temperature down.

Take Breaks

When exploring on a hot day, the best thing to do is take frequent breaks in the shade, especially when you can`t find any breeze. Take advantage of the shade, hydrate, and stay in the cooler temperature for as long as possible to prevent dehydration or heat exhaustion.


Staying cool while car camping in the summer is possible with the right tips and preparation. Choosing a spot with some shade, blocking out the sun, using ice for cooling, staying well hydrated, and taking breaks in the shade are all essential in staying cool while car camping.

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