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How To Make Coffee When Camping

making coffee when camping

How to Make Coffee While Camping

Camping trips are a great opportunity to connect with nature and enjoy some time in the great outdoors. And even better, there`s nothing quite like a steaming cup of coffee in the morning to start your day off right. If you`re looking for tips on how to make great coffee while camping, you`ve come to the right place! Here are some easy and accessible ways to make coffee while camping.

Percolator Coffee Pot

A percolator coffee pot is a classic way to make coffee while camping. It`s like a traditional coffee maker, except it goes right on top of your stove or campfire. This is an ideal choice for campers who want a traditional way to make coffee, or who don`t want to invest in any other specialty coffee gear. To use a percolator, simply add your grounds to the pot and top it off with water. Place the pot on your heat source and let it heat up. Once the water starts to boil, reduce the heat and let it sit for about 10 minutes for a great cup of coffee.

French Press

The French press is a timeless way of making coffee, and it can be especially handy while camping. French press coffee makers are small and lightweight, making them easy to pack in for a camping trip. To make coffee using a French press, add grounds to the bottom of the pot, then top it off with hot water (not boiling). Cover the pot and let it sit for several minutes, then slowly push down the plunger. This method will give you a delicious cup of coffee that`s full of flavor.

Single Serve Drip Coffee Makers

Single-serve drip coffee makers are a great option for making coffee while camping. They`re small and lightweight, and don`t require any additional supplies or pieces of equipment. Simply fill the filter with grounds, add hot water, and switch it on to get a great cup of coffee. This is an ideal choice for campers who want an easy and quick way to make coffee.

Instant Coffee

Of course, not all campers want to take the time to make traditional coffee while camping. If you`re looking for an easy and convenient way to make coffee, instant coffee is the way to go. All you need is a cup of hot water and a packet of instant coffee – there`s no equipment or extra supplies required. This is a great choice for campers who want their coffee to be ready in a matter of seconds.


No matter what type of coffee you prefer, there`s a way to make it while camping. From traditional coffee pots and French presses, to single serve drip coffee makers and instant coffee, there are so many options that can help you get your morning coffee fix, even in the great outdoors. So get your caffeine fix while camping with one of these easy and accessible methods, and enjoy a great cup of coffee!
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