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How To Keep Ice From Melting

how to keep ice from melting while camping

How to Keep Ice From Melting

Maintaining Ice In General

Keeping ice from melting is an essential task when trying to preserve food, cool drinks, and enjoy cold treats. While it`s easy enough to get your hands on a bag of ice at the store, it can be frustrating to lose it all in a couple of hours. To help keep ice from melting, there are a few simple techniques to follow.

1. Proper Storage

Whenever you purchase bagged ice or have made an ice cube tray, start by keeping it in a proper storage area. When bringing it from the store, use a cooler or insulated container. Place it in a location that`s out of sunlight as this increased the melting rate. Try to keep it away from any direct temperatures or heat sources.

2. Cover the Ice

Covering the ice with a lid or lid-like material can be another effective way to slow down the melting process. Unless there`s sufficient insulation underneath the lid, don`t place the ice directly onto the surface.

When in the sun, cover the cooler or container for additional protection. There are specially designed ice blankets and camping pads that can be used that insulate the melting ice and keep it cooler for longer.

3. Separate the Ice

When dealing with large amounts of ice, it can be helpful to break up the ice into smaller chunks. This can help keep the melted ice separate from the ones still sitting in the cooler. This also makes it easier to pull out the chunks you need when reaching into the cooler.

4. Add Salts and/or Sugar

Although this isn`t for general food purposes, adding salt and/or sugar to the ice cubes can help slow down the melting process. This is because the salt and sugar lower the freezing point of the water. This allows the ice to stay frozen until the surrounding temperature exceeds a certain level, which is higher than that of plain melted ice.

Keeping Ice From Melting While Camping

When heading out to camping that includes fishing or a picnic, it`s important to keep ice from melting. In addition to the tips mentioned above, there are also a few more techniques that can help make it last longer.

1. Bring Enough Ice

While it seems obvious, make sure to bring enough ice for the duration of your camping trip. Insufficient amounts of ice can cause the remainder to melt faster than anticipated. Try not to be stingy with the amount of ice you bring and be sure to change out the melted ice throughout the day.

2. Place it in Shade

When you`ve arrived to your camping site, look for shady and cool spots to place the ice. While the open cover of the woods isn`t ideal, a grassy area with trees or a building nearby is a better option.

3. Place It Under the Tent

If there`s no shade available, consider placing the ice cooler under the shelter of the tent. This will keep the cooler cool and also minimize the need to access the ice in heat and direct sunlight.

4. Replace Melted Ice

Throughout the day, replace the melted ice with new cubes or bags. This will help keep the inside of the cooler cold and decrease the melting speed in general. Also, when transporting ice, keep the coolers open as little as possible and drain the melted water often.

With the right techniques, keeping ice from melting while camping should be relatively simple. By following the tips mentioned above, you can help preserve cold food, drinks, and treats for a longer period of time, making your camping trip even more enjoyable. Bon Appétit!

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