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How Much Firewood Do I Need

how much firewood do i need camping

How Much Firewood Do I Need?

There may come a time when you find yourself in need of firewood. Depending on the size of a fire, and whether you are using it for camping or heating purposes, there are a few different factors to consider to determine how much firewood you may need.

Firewood for Camping

When camping, the amount of firewood you need varies depending on the length of your stay. For a one night camp out, a good estimate is to bring anywhere between 4-5 pieces of firewood, with each piece being around 14 inches in length. Additionally, it is important to take into consideration whether you are bringing dry wood or green wood. Dry wood has already been cut and seasoned, or allowed to dry, and is preferable for camping because it produces less smoke. Green wood is more recently cut and can produce thick smoke, which can be extremely irritating for campers. Generally, it is better to bring a combination of dry and green wood so your fire will burn longer and hotter.

In addition to the wood itself, you will also need some kindling. This smaller form of firewood is easy to light and often burns hotter and faster than larger logs. Kindling typically should be split into smaller pieces, no bigger than 2 inches in diameter. When combined with the firewood, you should bring around 5-7 pieces of kindling.

To help your fire stay burning throughout the night, it is important to keep in mind that you will need more firewood than you may think. Smaller logs tend to burn out more quickly than larger logs, so it is best to bring double the amount wood you estimate you will need.

Firewood for Heating

Firewood is also used for heating purposes, but the amount needed varies depending on your intended use and the environment in which you live. Different types of wood affords different levels of warmth, as some burn hotter and longer than others. The type of tree from which the firewood originates will determine its burning characteristics.

For most fireplaces, standard cords of firewood, or “face cords” is the industry standard for measuring firewood. One face cord of firewood usually consists of three rows of wood stacked four feet high and eight feet long. It will usually take around 4-6 face cords to heat an average sized home.

When buying firewood for heating purposes, it is important to take into consideration the moisture content of the wood. High moisture content can cause the wood to produce minimal heat, so it is important to purchase dry wood or let the wood dry out before burning it.

Firewood can be a great way to light up a campfire or keep your home warm. Depending on whether you are using it for camping or heating, the amount of firewood needed will vary. When used for camping, anywhere between 4-5 pieces of dry firewood, along with 5-7 pieces of kindling, should suffice. For heating, it is advisable to purchase around four to six face cords of firewood.

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