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Diy Portable Toilet

how to make a camping toilet

DIY Portable Toilet

A portable toilet is an important piece of camping equipment. Having your own private toilet while out in nature is a safe and easy way to ensure no unpleasant surprises when nature calls. The main benefit of portable toilets is their ability to be taken with you wherever you go. Constructing your own DIY Portable Toilet is simple and cost effective to do. The end result will be a light-weight, solution for a camping toilet.

What You Need

Creating your own DIY Portable Toilet couldn`t be easier. All you need is a five-gallon plastic bucket that has a lid, a seat adapter (which can be purchased online or at most hardware stores) and some waste bags. Some people also choose to include a bag of kitty litter and some baking soda in the compost as well. This will help with waste decomposition.

How To Make It

First, drill a hole in the lid of the bucket just large enough to fit the adapter through. Next, screw the adapter onto the bucket lid and tighten. To get it as snug as possible, you can use a wrench to make sure it`s secure. Place a waste bag inside the bucket ensuring that there are no holes or tears in it. Place about an inch of kitty litter or baking soda in the bottom of the bucket to help break down and absorb any waste that enters the bag.

The next step is to add the toilet seat. This will vary depending on the model of toilet seat adapter you purchased. Once the seat is in place, you can even add a cover to the bucket lid if desired. This will help keep out any debris or dirt that could collect in the toilet seat. It will also be more hygienic and easier to transport.

Using Your Toilet

When it comes time to use the toilet, you simply open the lid and seat and do your business. Once finished, you can close and securely fasten the lid, ensuring it is safe for transport. Be sure to tie your waste bag up securely and dispose of it properly. You should empty and clean your DIY portable toilet out of any debris or waste at least once a day for optimal hygiene.

Tips for Transporting Your Toilet

When camping, you may need to transport your portable toilet with you. To ensure the Portable Toilet is securely fastened to the top of your car, you can use bungee cords or rope to keep it in place. Make sure to store the toilet out of direct sunlight or the heat of the day when not in use. This will help keep your toilet clean and free of any unexpected odor.


Throwing together your own DIY Portable Toilet is a fast and inexpensive way to make sure you always have a private and clean toilet down by the campfire. With just a few simple steps, you can have a lightweight, hygienic solution for your next camping trip.

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