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Cooler Sizes

what size cooler for weekend camping

Cooler Sizes for Weekend Camping

When you`re packing for a camping trip, one of the essential pieces of equipment to bring is a cooler. A good cooler will keep your drinks and food cold so you can enjoy your outdoor adventures longer and more comfortably. But when it comes to choosing a cooler size, it can be confusing to know what size will be best for your camping trips. Here`s an overview of the different sizes of coolers available, as well as tips on what size cooler to get for a weekend camping trip.

Cooler Sizes

Cooler sizes are usually determined by the amount of interior capacity they have in quarts, or liters, and they can generally range in size from a small 8-quart cooler, to a huge 150-quart cooler. Here`s a look at the different sizes of coolers and their approximate internal capacities:

  • 8-12 Quart: This is the smallest capacity cooler and would be suitable for a single person on a day or overnight trip.
  • 20-25 Quart: This is the perfect size for a day trip with a few people. It can easily store food and drinks for up to 2-4 people.
  • 35-50 Quart: These are great for weekend camping trips with a small group. They can handle food and beverages for up to 4-6 people.
  • 55-85 Quart: If you`re camping with a bigger group, like 5 or more people, these larger coolers are perfect. They can easily accommodate a lot of food and drinks for everyone.
  • 90-150 Quart: For groups larger than 6, these massive coolers are the way to go. They can fit enough food and drinks for a crowd, and will keep everything cold for days.

The Best Size Cooler for Weekend Camping

The best size cooler for a weekend camping trip depends on the size of your group, but a medium-sized cooler is usually a good choice. If you`re going camping with a small group, then a 35-50 quart cooler will work well. It will have enough space to store food and drinks for everyone, and it won`t be too heavy to carry. For larger groups, you`ll want to opt for a larger cooler, like a 55-85 quart model. It will provide adequate room for food and drinks for everyone and will keep everything cold for a long weekend.

When picking out a cooler for camping, choose one that`s big enough for your group and easy enough to carry. Opt for models with high-quality insulation, thick walls, and tight-fitting lids and handles for sturdy and long-lasting performance.

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