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Coachella Packing List

what to bring to coachella camping

Coachella Packing List and Essentials for Camping

Coachella is one of the most popular music festivals in the world, known for its star-studded lineup, celebrity sightings, and bohemian-chic style. For festival-goers who choose to camp at the festival grounds, it`s important to have a well-thought-out packing list to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable experience. Here is a comprehensive guide on what to bring to Coachella camping.

General Camping Essentials

Tent: This is the most essential item to bring for camping at Coachella. Make sure to bring a tent that is suitable for the number of people in your group, and don`t forget to pack a groundsheet for added comfort.

Sleeping bag: Nights at Coachella can get chilly, so a warm and cozy sleeping bag is a must. Consider bringing a lightweight sleeping bag if you`re camping during the warmer months.

Air mattress or sleeping pad: A comfortable sleeping surface is crucial for a good night`s sleep. If you`re not a fan of sleeping on the ground, consider bringing an air mattress or sleeping pad.

Pillows and blankets: These may seem like luxuries, but they can make all the difference in terms of comfort. Plus, they can also double as seating during the day.

Camping chairs or portable seating: Since you`ll be spending a lot of time at the campsite, it`s a good idea to bring some comfortable seating options.

Flashlight or headlamp: A source of light is essential for navigating around the campsite, especially at night.

Portable phone charger: You`ll want to capture all the memorable moments at Coachella, so make sure to bring a portable phone charger to keep your devices charged throughout the weekend.

Trash bags: Keeping your campsite clean is not only important for the environment but also for your own comfort. Bring some trash bags to dispose of any garbage properly.

Clothing and Accessories

Sunscreen: The California sun can be intense, so be sure to pack sunscreen to protect your skin from sunburns.

Sunglasses: Another essential for sun protection and to make a fashion statement.

Hat: Keep yourself shaded from the sun with a stylish hat.

Comfortable shoes: You`ll be doing a lot of walking and dancing at Coachella, so make sure to pack comfortable and sturdy shoes.

Jacket or sweater: Nights at Coachella can get chilly, so bring a light jacket or sweater to stay warm.

Bandana: Not only can it serve as a fashion accessory, but a bandana can also be useful for keeping dust and dirt out of your face.

Swimwear: If you plan on visiting the pools or the nearby lake, don`t forget to pack your swimwear.

Toiletries and Personal Care

Toothbrush and toothpaste: Basic hygiene is important, so don`t forget to pack these essential items.

Shampoo and soap: Some campsites have showers, so you may want to bring these items for a refreshing shower after a long day at the festival.

Hand sanitizer: With thousands of people in close quarters, it`s important to keep your hands clean.

Feminine hygiene products: It`s always a good idea to have some backup supplies, just in case.

Food and Drinks

Water bottle: Staying hydrated is crucial, especially when you`re spending long hours in the sun. Bring a reusable water bottle to refill at the water stations throughout the festival grounds.

Non-perishable snacks: With all the dancing and walking, you`ll need some snacks to keep your energy levels up. Granola bars, fruit, and nuts are great options.

Cooler: If you plan on bringing some perishable food and drinks, make sure to pack a cooler to keep them fresh.

Disposable plates, utensils, and cups: If you`re planning to cook at the campsite, don`t forget to bring these essentials. Remember to dispose of them properly to keep the campsite clean.

Optional Items

Decorations: Make your campsite stand out with some colorful decorations like fairy lights or banners.

Portable speaker: Bring a speaker to play some tunes and keep the party going at your campsite.

Games: If you have some downtime at the campsite, bring some games like a deck of cards or a frisbee to keep yourself entertained.

First aid kit: While Coachella has medical stations throughout the festival grounds, it`s always a good idea to have a basic first aid kit at your campsite.

Final Tips

Remember to pack light and only bring the essentials. You`ll be carrying everything with you from your car to the campsite, so consider bringing a rolling suitcase or a wagon to make the journey easier. Label your belongings to avoid confusion with other festival-goers. And lastly, don`t forget to have fun and enjoy the Coachella experience!

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