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Camping In The Rain

what to do camping in the rain

How to Have Fun Camping in the Rain

Rainy days don`t have to be a bummer, especially when you`re camping. Camping in the rain can be a great experience when you know how to prepare for it. There are plenty of rainy day activities so you won`t have to stay cooped up inside your tent. Here are a few suggestions to help ensure that you have a fun and safe camping trip despite the weather conditions.

Tarp and Rainfly Set-up

Setting up your tarp and rainfly are the first must-dos for a pleasant camping experience. By having a few sturdy posts placed in the ground, you can create a sheltered area to sit underneath and stay out of the rain. If you`re feeling creative, you can even use the posts to make a hammock or yoga or stretching area. This is a great way to spend the day doing something other than holing up in your tent while the rain continues to drench the campsite.

Camping Games

Having a few rainy day camping games can also make your time outdoors more enjoyable. Taking out a deck of cards can help you pass the time while keeping dry. If cards aren`t your thing, you can always bring a few board games. If you are camping with kids, a scavenger hunt can be a great way to keep them occupied. You can create clues and search for items around the rain-soaked campsite. An even easier option is to bring a pack of sidewalk chalk and let them spend the day drawing on the damp ground.

Cooking in the Rain

Rain won`t stop your chance to be the campfire chef. If you want to stay prepared and still eat delicious food, invest in a good rainproof stove. There are also a few rain-friendly meal ideas that don`t require using a stove. Examples include making foil packets of potatoes and vegetables that you can bake close to the campfire coals. Another rainy day favorite is a hearty soup or stew. During cold and wet weather, nothing warms the soul (and the body) like a one-pot dinner.


If possible, build a campfire and enjoy the evening by the warm flicker of the embers. Make sure to wear a rain poncho and keep the fire small and contained. A tarp is a great asset when looking to keep the fire out of the rain. The campfire`s light and heat won`t only make camping in the rain more enjoyable, but it will also keep everyone warm and dry.

Stay Safe and Dry

Most importantly, make sure to take necessary precautions to stay safe despite the rain. Dress in layers and make sure to pack and store items in waterproof materials. Additionally, check the weather forecast and, if storms are in the forecast, equip yourself ahead of time with flashlights, rain boots, and a weather-ready tent.

All of the above tips will help you have an adventurous and exciting time camping in the rain. It`s just a matter of finding a hobby or an activity to pass the time and utilizing the right materials and tools to stay warm and dry. So go ahead and start planning your amazing, rain-ready camping trip!

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