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Camping Chair Storage

how to hang camping chairs in garage

Camping Chair Storage: How To Hang Camping Chairs In Garage

Camping chairs are such an essential part of camping trips, but they can end up taking up precious storage space. Fortunately, there is a great way to free up the much needed room you need in your garage and still keep your camping chairs handy. With a few simple steps, you can easily hang your camping chairs and create the organized storage you always wanted.

What You`ll Need

In order to hang your camping chairs in the garage, you will need the following:

  • Brackets (2 per chair): These are going to be the anchors on the wall where you will hang up the chairs.
  • Screws: Depending on the type of wall you are dealing with, you can choose between drywall screws, masonry screws or plastic wall anchors.
  • Sandpaper: This is going to be used for sanding down any rough edges on your chairs and brackets.
  • Method of Marking: This can be a pencil, marker, or a wall tape for marking where you will be drilling in the screws.
  • Drill: In order to fasten the brackets, you will need a drill.

Installation Process

Now that you have all the materials needed to hang up the chairs, follow these steps:

  • Install the brackets: Start by installing the brackets. First, pick a spot on the wall where you want to hang the chairs. Choose the spot wisely, it needs to be high enough that you can easily put the chairs on and take them off. Once you have chosen where to install the brackets, make sure to mark the spot with a pencil or marker. Using the drill, screw in the screws to secure the brackets to the wall.
  • Sand down edges: Before you hang the chairs, make sure to sand down any rough edges on the brackets and chairs. This will prevent the chairs from being scratched or damaged when they are being hung and used.
  • Hang the chairs: Once the brackets are installed and the edges are sanded, it`s time to hang the chairs. Simply slide the chairs onto the bracket and make sure they are firmly secured. For extra security, you can also use nuts and bolts or zip ties.


Storing camping chairs in the garage doesn`t have to take up a lot of space. With a few simple steps, you can easily hang your camping chairs and create the organized storage you always wanted. By making sure brackets are installed properly, sanding down any rough edges and making sure the chairs are secured, you can make sure you don`t have to worry about camping chairs taking up precious storage space in your garage.

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