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Brushing Teeth While Camping

how to brush teeth while camping

How to Brush Your Teeth When Camping

Camping is fun and exhilarating, and often involves a lot of healthy outdoor activities, but it`s important to remember to take care of your health even while enjoying outdoor adventures. One of the most important health habits to maintain while camping is regular teeth brushing. It`s not easy to get into the habit of brushing your teeth while camping, but there are some ways to make your camping trips a bit easier and cleaner for your teeth.

Getting Ready to Go Camping

Before you embark on your camping trip, make sure you have all the tooth-brushing materials and tools that you need in your backpack so that you`ll be able to brush your teeth when camping. To make sure you have a toothbrush while camping, bring two; an extra one in case your main toothbrush gets lost. You should also carry a toothpaste tube, enough toothpaste for the whole trip, and a small cup that can be carried in your bag. If you have braces or have any other dental needs, remember to bring the necessary items to accommodate those.

On your Camping Trip

Once you reach the campsite, the first thing to do is to make sure you have access to clean and safe drinking water. Most camping grounds have a water source nearby, but if there isn`t one, make sure you bring enough drinking water for brushing your teeth. Without access to clean and safe water, it can be difficult to make sure your toothbrush and supplies stay clean and away from bacteria.

Next, you`ll need to brush your teeth twice a day like you would at home. Brushing your teeth while camping can slightly differ than brushing normally at home, so here are a few helpful tips. Instead of sticking your toothbrush in your mouth right away, it`s best to wet it under clean, safe water. This will make sure your toothbrush is clean before you start brushing. If you don`t have access to a sink or tap, you can use a plastic cup to rinse your mouth after brushing.

Also, make sure to rinse your toothbrush after each use with clean water and store it away in a separate container away from any dirt or bacteria. Depending on the location of your campsite, it may not be possible to always brush your teeth using a sink. In this case, use a separate container to store your toothbrush in and bring enough toothpaste for the trip. After you`ve brushed your teeth, make sure to rinse and wash your toothbrush with clean water.

End of the Camping Trip

Once your camping trip is finished, you should discard all your toothbrush supplies and start fresh with a new toothbrush and toothpaste when you get home. Before you go on your next camping trip, make sure to restock your supplies so that you`ll be able to brush your teeth when camping.


Brushing your teeth while camping may not be easy, but with the right supplies and knowledge, you can maintain a good oral hygiene routine even on your outdoor adventures. With a bit of planning and preparation, you`ll be able to brush your teeth the right way and keep your mouth healthy and clean.

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