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What Are Fat Tire Bikes For

what is fat biking

What are Fat Tire Bikes and what is Fat Biking?

Fat tire bikes are mountain bikes designed to ride over soft or uneven terrain with ease. They have wider tires than typical mountain bikes, making them an ideal choice for riders who like to traverse rocky trails, hit the sand dunes or paddle through mud. Fat tire bikes also offer superior grip and stability, making them a great choice for beginners and experienced riders alike who want to take on more challenging terrain.

The Basics of Fat Tire Bikes

The core component of a fat tire bike is its large tires. These are usually 4.0” or wider, giving them the look and stability of a mini-Humvee. The width of the tires creates a larger contact patch with the ground, subsequently providing enhanced traction and float, which is key when riding over soft, uneven terrain.

The frame geometry on a fat tire bike is also different than that of a traditional mountain bike. The extended head tube angle provides more stability and sure-footed control while riding. It also allows the rider to maintain a more upright riding position, which is helpful on descents. The frame will also be slightly longer, for improved maneuverability in loose terrain and a wider gear range.

What is Fat Biking?

Fat biking is a relatively new form of cycling, and the term refers to cycling with a fat tire bike. It requires a different set of skills than traditional mountain biking, as the terrain is more challenging and the riders must be prepared to take on extra boulder fields, rivers, and mud bogs. The wider tires of a fat bike also make it possible to ride in conditions that would be off limits to traditional mountain bikes, such as snow and sand.

The growing popularity of fat biking has given people the opportunity to explore terrain they never would have attempted with a traditional mountain bike. There are now multiple fat bike races that take place on all terrains and all seasons, as well as specific “fat biking” days and events that take place at ski resorts and in municipalities.

Getting Started with Fat Biking

Getting started with fat biking is as easy as finding the right bike. Most popular bike brands now offer fat tire models, so it`s easy to find a bike to meet your specific needs. It`s also a good idea to invest in a few add-ons, such as additional mudguards, to provide extra protection from tough terrain.

Once you`ve got the bike, it`s time to get out and explore! Find trails that have been specifically designed for fat biking and seek out races and events that cater to fat biking. With a fat tire bike, you`re ready to take on just about any terrain.


Fat tire bikes offer an exciting and unique way to explore the outdoors and take on challenging terrain that would otherwise be off-limits. With their wider tires and superior grip, they can make conquering difficult ascents and descents a breeze. Whether you`re a beginner or an experienced rider, having a fat tire bike in your arsenal will let you take your rides to the next level. So if you`re looking for a way to spice up your adventure, grab a fat tire bike and explore the wild!

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