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How To Plan A Backpacking Trip

how to plan backpacking trip

How to Plan a Backpacking Trip

When it comes to planning an unforgettable backpacking trip, you can imagine the allure of the beauty of nature that awaits you. But there is more to it than just finding a beautiful hiking trail: the planning of the trip itself requires detailed organization and thought. From establishing a budget, to researching trail options, to buying the right gear, to creating an itinerary, there are several steps to take before setting off on your adventure. With a bit of planning, you`ll be able to craft an amazing adventure that won`t break the bank.

Establish a Budget

Before you set your sights on a specific destination, start by creating a budget for the entire trip. Include the expected costs of hotel or camping reservations, food, vehicle rental, park pass, and any other potential expenditures so you know exactly how much money you`ll need. Having a clear idea of your budget from the start will prevent overspending and help you plan for more meaningful experiences.

Research Trail Options

Next, find a trail that you want to conquer. You can consult with local outdoor shops for local advice, browse public lands for potential hikes, or use a website like AllTrails for access to trails all over the world. After choosing a trail, take the time to research what kind of permits, if any, are required for the area you will be visiting. Many parks and national monuments require visitors to purchase a special permit or pass, so the more research you do ahead of time the better prepared you`ll be.

Pack the Appropriate Gear

Once the destination is established and the permits are acquired, you can get to the exciting part: buying the proper gear. Research the trail and weather to help determine what type of clothes, shoes, and equipment is needed. When it comes to backpacking, the saying “less is more” couldn`t be truer. During an extended backpacking trip, the rule of thumb is to pack only the essentials. In addition to the basics, such as a tent, sleeping bag, sleeping pad, first-aid kit, and cooking tools, don`t forget to also bring along items like a GPS, compass and map of the area, water filter, and a multi-tool. For any first-time backpackers, consulting with an outdoor store expert can help clarify which gear is best for your trip and terrain.

Create an Itinerary

Once the gear is gathered and ready to go, the next step is to create an itinerary for the trip. An itinerary doesn`t have to be extremely strict, but it should contain enough information to help you stay on track. Start by laying out a loose order of when and where you plan to go for each day. Make sure to locate any stopovers along the way—a place with food, water, and rest so you can refuel for the road ahead. Consider the amount of time you will need at each destination, as well as leave time for spontaneity. Your itinerary should also include contact information for the places you will be staying, in case you need assistance.

Enjoy the Trip!

Packing all the necessary items and steering away from overpacking is key to an enjoyable backpacking experience. And once you have completed the hard work of planning your trip, there is nothing more rewarding than stepping out into the wild and experiencing nature in its finest. So don`t forget to take it all in and enjoy the adventure!
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