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How To Become A Hiking Guide

how to become a backpacking guide

How to Become a Hiking Guide and a Backpacker Guide


Do you love the great outdoors? Are you an experienced hiker and backpacker? Then you should think about becoming a hiking guide or a backpacking guide. As a professional guide, you will be able to take people on adventure-filled trips to beautiful places all over the world. This article will provide an overview of how to become a hiking guide and a backpacking guide, outlining what you need to do to become professionally qualified and licensed.

How to Become a Hiking Guide

The first step to becoming a hiking guide is to become a certified mountain guide. To get certified, you`ll need to complete a course from an accredited mountain guide school. This course typically covers topics such as mountaineering safety, rock and ice climbing, and first-aid. You`ll also need to pass a certification exam. Once you`ve been certified, you`ll need to obtain a professional guide license. The process varies according to the location in which you wish to work, but typically involves getting an endorsement from an official guiding organization (such as the American Mountain Guide Association or the Association of Canadian Mountain Guides). You may also need to complete some outdoor-specific job training courses or programs.

How to Become a Backpacker Guide

The process for becoming a backpacking guide is similar to becoming a mountain guide. You will need to become certified in basic wilderness survival skills and have a good working knowledge of trails and terrain. You may also be required to be certified in first-aid. You`ll also need to obtain a professional license. Depending on the area in which you plan to work, this may require an endorsement from a local guiding organization (such as the American Hiking Society or the National Park Service). You may also need to complete outdoor-specific job training programs. In addition to completing the necessary requirements, becoming a competent backpacking guide involves having a good understanding of the laws and regulations that pertain to the environment. You should also be familiar with the navigation methods that will help you to guide your group safely and successfully.


Becoming a hiking guide or a backpacking guide is an exciting way to explore the world and share your passion for the outdoors with others. While it may take some time and dedication, with a bit of hard work, you`ll be able to become a professional guide who is able to safely and successfully lead groups on outdoor adventures.

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